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Working With An Expert Message Taking Service  – A Guide for SMEs

A specialist message taking service from

Running a small business can be hard work and it often means that employees and directors have multiple roles. Winning new business and fulfilling contracted work takes priority and can take many team members out of the office or at least away from their phones, so what happens when those important calls come in?

This is where a message answering service, such as, can be of assistance in helping you to continue with your high priority tasks by taking away the stress and worry of missing crucial calls from clients and prospects. By delegating your message taking to us, you can focus on what is most important, without missing a beat.

We train our team of customer service professionals to know your business as well as your own employees, so that when a call comes in, the caller will not doubt that they have reached your company. Our bright and friendly staff will use bespoke scripts based on your business systems when taking messages for you, so that our service will provide you with additional advantages such as:

  • Increased sales - our experienced customer service professionals are sales trained and will be on the look-out for opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services.
  • A more professional image - your business will appear larger and more professional.
  • Control and flexibility - we can provide ad-hoc, cover or all-year round services 

How does a message answering service work?

As you would expect from a specialist message taking service, a call directed to to be answered on your behalf begins with a warm, professional greeting which quickly establishes that the caller has reached your business. Once your calls are answered, they will be dealt with quickly and accurately by one of our UK call handling experts who will behave as if they are your own receptionist or PA.

Any messages taken can be forwarded to you using the delivery method of your choice. They can be forwarded to different members of your staff depending on the caller’s request or, after the nature of the call has been established, by knowing the roles of your team members and therefore knowing who could most appropriately answer the caller’s question.

All messages are forwarded to you in a timely manner, with urgent requests being given priority and forwarded to you without delay.

Could your business benefit from a professional message taking service?

If you think that your business could benefit from working with a message answering service, why not a try? Sign up today for our two week free trial, and one of team members will be in touch shortly to discuss your exact requirements. We are confident that once you have tried our message taking service, you’ll become one of our many satisfied customers.

No strings, no contracts and no charge…at the end of your trial; simply take us or leave us!

Use our form to fill in your details to request a free 2-week telephone answering trial, or ask for some more information if you have any questions. We’ll be in touch ASAP to get you all set up!

During your 2-week telephone answering trial, we can guarantee…

  • A Complete Service. Every single one of your phone calls will be answered, using your chosen greeting and business name.
  • Seamless Transition. Your customers will have no idea that they’ve been transferred through to us; we’re experts at ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Superior Note-taking. All messages will be relayed efficiently and comprehensively to you, either via text, email, or fax. We can patch calls directly through to you, if required.
  • A Fantastic Impression. We’ll present a great first impression of your business, ensuring happier customers and more sales– everyone will be dealt with in a professional, warm and efficient manner.
  • No strings attached. At the end of your 2-week trial you take us or leave us.


But don’t just take our word for it; suss out their superior service for yourself with a completely free, no strings, two-week free telephone answering trial – just fill in your details today!

As I am often out of the office I took up the two week free telephone answering trial to see if it would be of use to my business.

Looking back now, I can see that this was one of the smartest business decisions that I have made so far.

Gareth Morgan:
MD Liberty Marketing

I have just completed a FREE 2 week trial with I must confess the service received has simply been outstanding. The process involved in setting the service up was simple and efficient; they did all of the work.

Not only do they answer the telephone in a professional & courteous manner, they also take accurate and detailed messages, which are both texted and emailed to ensure safe receipt. In addition to this, they add significant value by canvassing business for you whilst going about their daily routine. This has resulted in 4 referrals today. Nice one Adrian! I have no hesitation in referring business to Adrian and his efficient team!

Wayne Evans:
Joe Fizz Asset Finance

If you’d prefer to chat through the offer, feel free to give us a call on 02920 695 999