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Phone Answering Service for IT Companies

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Specialist Phone Answering Services for IT Companies and Telecoms Companies 

From simple call answering to message taking and job ticket systems, is THE specialist when it comes to providing award-winning, cost effective phone answering services to companies in the IT sector.

We don't just 'talk the talk' - we 'walk the walk'!

We work with several clients in the IT and telecoms industry, so know the common problems you encounter and frustrations you have... and most importantly, we know how to solve some of them!

Most IT companies operate an "email first" or ticketing system procedure for all of their customer enquiries, but this is almost always ignored. When a customer needs assistance installing new software, is experiencing problems with their email, or can't seem to print, to them it seems like a disaster - so they pick up the phone and call you. The problem is, they expect you to drop everything and fix it, which is impossible when you have 1,765 other 'urgent' jobs to complete.

What we've learnt is that most IT companies' customers just want to be heard - rather than send a faceless email into a black hole. They want to know that their issue has been listened to, and someone is on the case.

The problem for you is, that unless you employ a full time receptionist, valuable time is taken up by your engineers answering the phone and ensuring that good customer service is delivered.

I am sure that you'd much rather your valuable engineers worked on technical, high-profit projects, than answering the phone. Well, we have the answer...

We provide a cost-effective phone answering service to IT and telecoms companies across the UK.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to handle all calls professionally and treat them with the urgency required. Many of our clients provide 'most common problems;' crib sheets, so before we even pass a customer's enquiry to you, we'll do our best to find the problem, or at least rule out some of the potential causes.


Telephone Answering for IT Companies 

We know this industry inside-out, so can deal with all of your inbound calls and handle them with confidence!


Support Desk Services

We can provide IT companies with a support desk feature meaning we can place all callers into a ticketing system for you to follow up in order of priority.


Virtual Receptionist Services

Access technically skilled virtual receptionist services that will provide a range of services tailored to the IT sector.


2 week, no-strings-attached, FREE phone answering trial for IT Companies

We would like to offer you and a 2 week free trial of our specialist phone answering service. No obligations or strings attached, just a genuine opportunity to try our services. If you don't love them, you can leave at the end of the 2 weeks... but people rarely do once they see the value of our services.

Don’t just take our word for it, click to see below a video testimonial from one of our long-standing IT customers!

I would recommend to everybody!

Even if you think your business is currently handling calls well, you’d be surprised how many you miss.

I was previously using another telephone answering service who were good, but what I found was the staff weren’t sales trained and couldn’t pronounce several welsh place names. We were receiving enquiries that weren’t being handled properly at the first point of contact.

Now, handle 90% of our inbound calls, so we can focus on other things for our customers.

We took a 2 week free trial and within the first few days secured one of our biggest clients to date!

Anthony Crowdie
West Wales Systems