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We offer a professional call answering and telephone answering service – ideal for small business.

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If you own a small business, you’ll understand that resource can sometimes be over-stretched. Profit is a fine balance between the number of customers and number of full-time employees, but if you can’t keep your customers happy, you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that.

Keep your existing customers happy and potential customers nurtured without the need for another full-time employee. As your business grows, so will the demand of your customers, but unfortunately the number of hours in your day will remain the same. We offer a range of call answering and telephone answering services that can allow you to spend your time doing the things that matter – we can answer your incoming calls, process sales and act as your virtual receptionist; we are a cost-effective customer service department.

You never need run the risk of providing sub-par customer service ever again – our team of professional and dedicated call handlers provide a tailored and personalised service, whether they’re talking to your existing customers or potential new ones. We will get to know your business inside out so we can deal with all incoming calls comprehensively, in a personalised manner.

Whether you need to remove the distraction of a ringing phone, or wish to maintain a consistent professional image and reputation, our call answering service can help.

Never miss another potential sale by choosing our extensive telephone answering services.

We understand how important every single phone-call is, so simply divert your calls to us and we’ll do the rest…

  •  Answer your calls using your business name
  • Relay messages to you by text, email or fax
  • Patch calls through to you (if required)
  • Answer simple queries
  • Process new sales

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Use our form to fill in your details to request a free 2-week telephone answering trial, or ask for some more information if you have any questions. We’ll be in touch ASAP to get you all set up!

During your 2-week telephone answering trial, we can guarantee…

  • A Complete Service. Every single one of your phone calls will be answered, using your chosen greeting and business name.
  • Seamless Transition. Your customers will have no idea that they’ve been transferred through to us; we’re experts at ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Superior Note-taking. All messages will be relayed efficiently and comprehensively to you, either via text, email, or fax. We can patch calls directly through to you, if required.
  • A Fantastic Impression. We’ll present a great first impression of your business, ensuring happier customers and more sales– everyone will be dealt with in a professional, warm and efficient manner.
  • No strings attached. At the end of your 2-week trial you take us or leave us.

Why do we do it?

Well, we do it to start a relationship with you... simple really! You see we know that for most people, finding a Call Answering Service you are totally comfortable with is a big deal, so earning your trust and loyalty is really important to us. We also understand that we need to reduce the risk for you in someone else answering your calls, hence the crazy deal of 2 weeks for free!

But don’t just take our word for it; suss out their superior service for yourself with a completely free, no strings, two-week free telephone answering trial – just fill in your details today!

As I am often out of the office I took up the two week free telephone answering trial to see if it would be of use to my business.

Looking back now, I can see that this was one of the smartest business decisions that I have made so far.

Gareth Morgan:
MD Liberty Marketing

I have just completed a FREE 2 week trial with I must confess the service received has simply been outstanding. The process involved in setting the service up was simple and efficient; they did all of the work.

Not only do they answer the telephone in a professional & courteous manner, they also take accurate and detailed messages, which are both texted and emailed to ensure safe receipt. In addition to this, they add significant value by canvassing business for you whilst going about their daily routine. This has resulted in 4 referrals today. Nice one Adrian! I have no hesitation in referring business to Adrian and his efficient team!

Wayne Evans:
Joe Fizz Asset Finance

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