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For small businesses, where resources are often stretched, both owners and staff are frequently required to juggle a number of tasks. Add into that scenario busy phone lines, and other work can fall by the wayside.

Although the phone is a vital part of the business, it can be a big distraction. Businesses cannot afford to let the phone go unanswered or divert it to voicemail for fear of losing business. However the time spent answering the phone and then dealing with the result of that call means that other work gets pushed further down the ‘to do’ list. This can then lead to staff being stressed because they cannot deal with their workload.

There is a simple solution. A specialised, cost-effective phone answering service for small businesses.

Phone answering services for small businesses can do as much as you need. They can be tailored to meet your business’ individual requirements. Whether you need a simple message taking service to take orders, or even making sales appointments, a professional phone answering service can improve your customer service provision. It can also let you and your staff get on with other important tasks, and most importantly, help your business grow.

Small businesses may think that phone answering services will be too expensive, especially when working to a tight budget. You may be surprised to learn that it will cost you less than you think. Plus, the amount of business that could be created will mean that the service will more than pay for itself.

There’s certainly no need to struggle to get your phones answered. Choosing a phone answering service provider like Answer My Phone to handle all of your incoming calls will mean that every call made to your business will be answered professionally and efficiently, so much so that customers will not even notice they have not got through to your actual office.

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