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How Voicemail Is Continually Losing Your Business Money

There was a time when voicemail was the greatest thing since sliced bread, when it was exciting to leave and listen to voicemails. The new technology meant that you no longer completely missed calls, you now had a second chance to call the person back and win their business.

Today, things have changed drastically. Instead of being something positive, leaving a voicemail message is seen as a chore and 75% of callers who reach a voicemail service will not even leave a message. On top of that 85% of callers who don’t reach a company on the first try will not call back, which means it is crucial that a business answers every incoming call if they don’t want to lose business to a competitor.

Voicemail is often seen as a low-cost way of not missing any important calls, but as you can see from the percentages above, not answering a call or sending a caller to voicemail could mean that it instead of being free, it actually costs you money. The caller may be a current client who wants to place another order with you.

But what about the potential customer calls you miss? If the caller has a need for your products and services, a missed call is a missed chance to sell. As the statistics show they are unlikely to leave details of what they need or are even less likely to try and call you back later, so how much revenue are you losing by not picking up the phone?

So what is the real cost of voicemail?

The exact cost of losing business by letting calls go to voicemail is different for every business but this article from Computer Weekly states that UK SMEs lost £90m in sales 2013, with the average missed call losing a business £1,200. Consider the amount of calls you miss in a day, week, or year and calculate your potential loss using the average missed call cost – how much difference could this extra income make to your business?

Can you afford to miss even one sales call?

We know how valuable each sales opportunity is to your business, so our team will ensure every call is answered in a professional and courteous manner, with our highly trained team able to handle any question as well as any of your own employees.

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