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Mistakes people are making in YOUR business

When you’re busy at work, the telephone is often an unwelcome distraction.  It can interrupt at the very worst moment, ruining your concentration.  Once the call has been dealt with, there is often follow-up to be handled, and by time you get back to your original activity you have completely lost track of where you were up to and the momentum is gone.

All of this reflects in the way you handle the call, and worst of all, could be the reason that your customer decides not to do business with you, or you lose that all important new sale. 

Here, we look at just a few of the mistakes that might be being made in your company.

  • A snappy or unprofessional greeting

It’s not a myth - a customer can tell when you are smiling on the other end of the telephone.  Answer the telephone in a snappy or short manner, because you’re busy doing something else, and the customer will wonder why they bothered to call in the first place.  Your voice is the first thing they hear, so make sure that it is welcoming, don’t mumble and make sure there is minimal background noise that could interfere with the conversation.

  • Your customer feeling that their issue is not your priority

There is nothing worse when you telephone someone than being made to feel that your issue is not worth bothering about.  The call may have stopped you from doing something important, but from the customer’s perspective the call may be the most important thing they are doing that day.  Make sure that you treat the customer as if they are your number one priority and assure them that their problem will be resolved quickly.

  • Too hurried to listen or being distracted by other work

Make sure that you give 100% attention to the call.  If you are distracted by other work or not really listening because you want to get the call over and done with, the customer will notice.  You also might miss something really important which will only cause problems later down the line.

Remember, first impressions count.  If the customer doesn’t feel like they are your priority, then they may take their business elsewhere.

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