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How much does telephone answering cost?

How much does telephone answering cost?Well – we’ll get to that in a minute (our prices are below for you!)

Because we think the better question is “how much do missed calls cost my business?”

The truth is that telephone answering really doesn’t HAVE to cost a lot.

But missing calls from potential customers can be stupidly expensive.

We had a fab new company take our 2-week Free Trial recently. They sometimes missed calls when they were with customers.

• One call we took was a booking for over £500;
• Another was a contract that could be worth thousands of pounds;
• Others were people looking for information, which turned into bookings when we answered their questions.

The number of calls they missed wasn’t surprising – but the value of missing those calls was quite staggering.

And if you add up the total value of your missed calls (and missed opportunities) over a year, it could well be a LOT of money.

So – how much DOES telephone answering cost?

Here are the 5 things you should know, about the price of telephone answering…

1) Set Up Costs

At Answer My Phone, we never charge you a set up cost – but some telephone answering companies do.

It can vary from £75 to £200+. They say that this fee is for the time it takes to input your information into their system and to train staff on your services and requirements.

So do make sure you ask this question, right at the start!

2) Costs for Answering Calls

There are 3 main ways to be charged for calls:

• A monthly package, that includes a set number of calls;
• A charge per call; or
• A charge per minute or second.

Find out if you’ll be charged for cold/sales calls – if you get a lot of these calls, you may be charged for a percentage of them.

Bear in mind that not all sales calls are bad! We had a call recently that would have been easy to dismiss as a sales call, but which turned in a lucrative partnership for our client. So make sure your telephone answering service has the skills to establish if you WOULD actually be interested in the product or service being presented.

3) How many calls ARE you actually missing?

Unless you have a fancy phone system in place, it’s impossible to know!

Taking a trial is a really good way to find out. We always offer you a 2-week Free Trial at Answer My Phone, that’s completely unlimited in terms of calls – so you can properly get to grips with this, over a decent length of time.

Obviously, your free trial will give you a good idea of how much it’s likely to cost you, moving forwards. BUT it’s also important to evaluate the whole package of service you received, too.

• Were you happy with the messages you received? Did they all reach you? Fast?
• Did they contain all the relevant information? Was anything missing?
• Were the caller’s details right?
• Have you heard any feedback from your callers? Good or bad? (Quite often our client’s callers congratulate them on their new team member, not realising it was us!)

And we’d also suggest you mystery call your own business during the trial. It’s the very best way for you to hear first-hand what your callers will be hearing. Always good!

4) The cost of diverting your calls…

Don’t forget that, when you divert your calls to a telephone answering service, YOU are paying for that call. Not your callers!

It’s not too bad, as the cost from a landline is usually the cost of a local call. But when diverting from a mobile, it can be higher – so it’s always worth checking with your phone provider, and factoring this into the overall cost of using a telephone answering service.

5) Any hidden charges?

This is important to ask – we all know how easy it is to be caught out, as costs stack up!

One of our core values at Answer My Phone is honesty. We just feel it’s so important to be clear + upfront with what you get from us.

These are our prices at Answer My Phone:

NO set-up fee. How can we do an amazing job for you, if we don’t put the time and effort into getting to know you & your business? It’s crucial, we enjoy it – and we never charge you for this!

Our basic package is £79 per month (+ VAT). This includes your first 35 calls & calls over this are charged at £1.99 per call.

Our average clients spend £121 per month (+ VAT) with us. So it’s a fraction of hiring a receptionist or more admin staff!

An additional Voicemail service is £10 per month (+VAT). So if somebody does leave you a message, we’ll email it to you to listen on your phone or PC.

And we can manage your diary too, at just £25 per month (+VAT). It’s a brilliantly cost-effective way to maximise your time.

Now - we are not the cheapest. You can get cheaper call answering services elsewhere. And if you want dirt cheap, then we’re probably not right for you (you get what you pay for, after all).

But we truly believe our service is the BEST you’ll find anywhere.

• We don’t just take your calls, but we’re 100% committed to helping you grow your business. We always ask ourselves “what’s the best thing to do with this call?”. We help you to secure leads, close sales AND deliver an outstanding experience for your callers contacting your business.

• We’re a small team of professionals, and we’re experts at what we do.

• So when your customers call, they don’t know it’s NOT your in-house team answering the phone. We get to know you, so we sound like you. And we help you to never let another opportunity slip through your fingers.

If you don’t know how many calls you’re missing – or how much money you’re leaving on the table – then give us a try. We’d love to help!

Get in touch to arrange your 2-Week Free Trial Now. It’s the best starting point to discover exactly what you’re losing out on. You can see the exact results and measure the benefits.

And then you can truly decide which is more expensive – telephone answering or missing those calls!

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