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Why the phone is still key to business communication.

There has been many advances in the technologies that we use to communicate with each other over the years, but one communication tool has remained a constant favourite for over 100 years.  The humble telephone is still at the heart of almost every business, and for good reason.

Very few other technological devices stand the test of time, let alone see their way through 10 decades.  There is good reason for the telephone remaining key to good business communication, here are just a few reasons:

It’s Personal

There are several ways to communicate with your customers and prospects – email, post and advertising, but no medium is more direct than picking up the phone and having a conversation.

People like doing business with people. People they know, like and trust. Apart from the face to face communication there is no better way than to talk via the phone.

Perhaps the best tool to ‘get things done’, phone conversations are immediate and in real-time, which allows both participants to act quickly and gauge each other’s mood / tone of voice.

It’s far less common for things to be misunderstood on the phone – emails can be misinterpreted and post can be lost.  A good old fashioned conversation usually gets the job done.


Unlike many devices and applications, almost all employees own, or have access to a telephone.

It is a simple tool that can connects you to your prospects and supplies.


The phone is perhaps the most affordable technology at a company’s disposal, and thanks to advances in technology, national and international calls are no longer cost prohibitive.

You may be thinking “this is great Delyth, but why should I care about this?”, and you’re right to question me.

As a small business, the telephone is your most accessible, affordable and direct method of communication.  However, I would place a bet that it is a significantly underutilised tool, which if used more effectively, could increase your sales and free up more of your time to spend on important tasks such as business development.

We understand the pressures that lie within a small business, and that it’s not always possible to have in-house, professional call answering staff, which can be costly. This is why we started – to help small businesses make the most of direct communication with their customers and prospects.  We offer a fully outsourced call answering and sales processing service that could inject valuable time back into your working life.  Wouldn’t you like to spend more time upselling to customers and developing new business and less time answering the phone or worrying about missed calls?

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, we’d love the opportunity to talk to you.  Our service is cost-effective and professional, and our highly-skilled team will relish the opportunity to get to know your business and ensure that the humble telephone is one of your companies best loved tools.

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