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The biggest killer of workplace productivity is sitting next to you!

Do you constantly feel like you have too much to do?  That your ‘to-do’ list gets longer and never shorter?  And that you end up spending a lot of time on things that don’t necessarily warrant your attention?

Unfortunately, this constant feeling of being overworked is a common feeling amongst business owners – you can often feel endlessly busy, without feeling a sense of achievement that things are getting done.  And the feeling of being overworked itself can be an absolute killer for productivity.

If this is resonating with you, then Answer My Phone may just have the answer to reduce your stress levels and improve your ability to be as productive as possible at all times.

What we’re trying to say is: interruptions break momentum and kill productivity.

Did you know?  During the average working day, you will experience 96 minutes of disruptions and it takes around 15 minutes to refocus following a disruption.

These are pretty big numbers.  If you do the maths you’ll see exactly why it can feel like your never-ending to do list is all consuming, and ever-growing.

So what is the biggest workplace distraction?


The telephone!


That’s right.  Research shows that telephone calls are the single biggest workplace distraction.  When you and your staff have to stop an activity to answer the phone, it can be a serious drain on productivity… especially as it will take you around 15 minutes to refocus your attention on the task you were completing before the phone call.

Imagine a 400 metre runner – if they had to stop 4 times and re-start, their overall lap time would be far slower than if they could run interrupted.  It takes a significant time to get ‘back up to speed’ once interrupted, so it’s important that you elevate as many unnecessary distractions as possible.


So what’s the solution?

It’s a simple one.  Outsource your phone answering.

It could seriously improve your own productivity and that of your workforce, reduce distractions and allow you to focus on the things that actually matter.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it. Here’s what someone recently said about our phone answering services…

 “ is a very flexible service and a better solution for our business than having a full time receptionist. We may choose to take some or all calls (yes even the annoying cold calls that they filter so well for us)! It’s great to have the choice and to be able to 'leave the business' in the hands of people who know what it’s about and who can effectively handle and manage enquires for us. It’s a cracking service!”

– Dewi Diesel Evans, Cracking Productions

We’re here to help.

If you’re still not totally convinced, why not try our 2 week free trial?  It’s a completely free, no obligations trial, which will give you the chance to see how our services could benefit you and your company.  There’s no contracts or hidden terms – we don’t need them.  We very rarely have people try us and not become full time customers

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